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The online catalog includes CAD data for "NACHI Standard Hydraulic Equipment". The CAD data is available in two formats, "DXF(self extracting)" and "DWG".

The diagram data is 1:10 scale CAD data.
Software that is able to open DXF or DWG file is necessary to view the CAD data.
The following software is recommended for viewing this online catalog.
  Internet Explore 5.5 or newer
  Netscape Navigator 4.7 or newer

 Note on Using this Catalog
1. Nachi-Fujikoshi Corporation owns and holds the copyright for the CAD data.
2. Nachi-Fujikoshi Corporation bears no responsibility for damages resulting from the use of this CAD data.
3. This CAD data can be used only within the company that downloads it.
4. Reproduction and or modification of this CAD data for distribution or use on a network by third parties is prohibited except for in-house use.
5. Product improvements may result in changes without prior announcement to specifications represented in the CAD data.
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