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Thread grinding machines “GTE Series”

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Workrest is compatible with a wide range of workpieces

Fixed-bed-type workrest which supports changeover is best for smalldiameter workpieces.

  • Fixed-bed-type workrest supports Ø12mm and smaller diameters.
  • Changeover to thin-type regular workrest is also possible.
  • One unit can grind a wide range of workpieces by using fixed-bed-type workrest for small diameter ball screws, and table-mounting-type workrest for medium and large ballscrews.

Fixed-bed-type workrest

Table-mounting-type workrest

Angle domain of swivel wheel head is greatly expanded by using built-in motor

Drum-type swivel wheel head and built-in low-vibration spindle.

  • A drum-type swivel wheel head is suitable for high-accuracy grinding, and can simultaneously swivel grinding wheel and dresser ±45°. A built-in motor is adopted in the wheel spindle.

Smaller diameter drinding wheel makes changeover work easier.

  • Diameter of grinding wheel is reduced from Ø510mm to Ø355mm, and wheel flange weight is reduced by 50% for easier changeover.

Improved maintainability and eco-friendly machine.

  • Eliminated drive belts and adopted grease lubrication for wheel spindle. Air consumption volume is reduced by 50%.

Drum-type grind-stone head