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Special Steels

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8Cr type steel series for cold working die that toughness, grindability and resistance to temper softening of SKD11 are improved respectively

8Cr type steel series for cold working die
MCR1: Good wear resistance due to the distribution of hard MC carbide.
Steel with high toughness for mold that particle size of carbide is controlled.


Punch, Trimming die, Shear blade, Cutting die, Slitter knife, Screw rolling die, Cold header die, Cold tool steels which require toughness and Wear resistance, etc.

Heat treatment conditions

Annealing Austenitizing Tempering Hardness
Temperature (°C) Hardness (HB) Temperature (°C) Cooling Temperature (°C) Times
MCR1 850880 < 255 10501100 Air cooling 520600 More than twice 5562