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July 29, 2021

Expanded lineup of energy-saving solenoid valve "SS/SA-G01-40"

1. Our product development in line with the todayís market trends

In the midst of environmental protection and energy consumption control becoming the critical efforts to prevent global warming, hydraulic equipment is also required to upgrade energy-saving performance by improving energy efficiency.

Since the launch of solenoid valves in the 1960s, we have been responding to the diverse needs of users by developing solenoids (electromagnet mechanisms) in-house, utilizing manufacturing technologies that can handle designs requiring high flexibility as well as complex structures, and launching various products into the market.

Now, we have developed an energy-saving solenoid valve "SS/SA-G01-40" with improved safety and usability while keeping the original productís maximum pressure and maximum flow rate, and significantly reduced energy consumption to contribute to the user facility energy-saving and cost reduction.

2. Energy-saving solenoid valve "SS/SA-G01-40" outline
Energy-saving solenoid valve SS/SA-G01-40

(1) Target market and needs

Industrial machineries such as machine tools and forging machines

(2) Featured strength

①Energy saving effect

 Compared to our conventional SS/SA-G01-31 model, which has been well received by its low power consumption in its class, we have achieved 25% power consumption reduction and realized a compelling reduction in power consumption.

②High pressure and large capacity

 Top-level performance with maximum working pressure 5,000PSI (35MPa), maximum flow rate 26.4GPM (100l/min) and allowable back pressure 3,000PSI (21MPa) for the same size.

③Improved safety

 By reducing the power consumption, achieved the coil surface temperature reduction by approximately 86°F (30°C) compared to the conventional product and improved safety of machines and equipment systems.

④Overseas safety standard compliance

 The product is compliant with overseas safety standards such as CE (Europe), UL (USA) and cUL (Canada).

⑤Improved usability

 M12-4 pin connectors, which are common for industrial machinery and are easy to wire, are available as an option for one-touch connection.

3. Release date and sales target

(1) Release date: August 2021

(2) Product price: Open price

(3) Sales target: 500,000 units/year by the end of 2022

4. Product inquiry about the new product

Contact Hydraulic Planning Department, Hydraulic Division TEL: 076-438-8973 for new product inquiries.