Standard Hydraulic Equipment

Standard Hydraulic Equipment5pages 180KB

PDFNACHI Hydraulic Pumps

NACHI Hydraulic Pumps2pages 64KB

PDFA. Piston Pumps

PVS PVS Series Variable Volume Piston Pumps 19pages 1,282KB
PZSPZS Series Variable Volume Piston Pump13pages714KB
PZPZ Series Load Sensitive Variable Piston Pump7pages425KB

PDFB. Vane Pumps

VDS VDS Series Small Variable Volume Vane Pump 5pages 261KB
VDR-22DVDR22 Design Series Variable Volume Vane Pump9pages421KB
VDR-13DVDR13 Design Series Variable Volume Vane Pump10pages510KB
VDCVDC Series High-Pressure Type Variable Volume Vane Pump
VDC Series High-Pressure Type Variable Volume Double Vane Pump
UVNUVN Series Variable Volume Vane Uni-pump3pages145KB

PDFC. Gear Pumps

IPH IPH Series IP Pump 13pages 1,114KB
 IPH Series Double IP Pump9pages674KB

PDFNACHI Hydraulic Valves

NACHI Hydraulic Valves 3pages 447KB

PDFD. Modular Valves

Modular Valve Series9pages 720KB
OR Relief Modular Valve 6pages253KB
OROBrake Modular Valve4pages173KB
ORDDirect Relief Modular Valve5pages212KB
OGPressure Reducing Modular Valve7pages304KB
OGBBalanced Piston Type Pressure Reducing Modular Valve2pages125KB
OGPressure Reducing Modular Valve7pages348KB
OGSTwo-Pressure Reducing Modular Valve3pages173KB
OQSequence Modular Valve3pages144KB
OCQCounter Balance Modular Valve5pages245KB
OWPressure Switch Modular Valve3pages198KB
OY,OCYFlow Regulator Modular Valve8pages473KB
OF,OCFFlow Control Modular Valve (Pressure and temperature compensated)6pages360KB
OC,OCVCheck Modular Valve7pages416KB
OCPPilot Operated Check Modular Valve5pages225KB
OKGauge Modular Block2pages99KB
OBHigh-low System Block2pages101KB
MOBEnd Plate, Free Flow Plate, 03/01 Change Plate3pages136KB
MSA,MDSSolenoid Valve/Modular Valve Subplate3pages122KB
OTH,OTDValve Installation Bolt List3pages435KB
MOB01, 03 Base Block2pages123KB
-High-pressure M35 Series2pages122KB

PDFE. Solenoid Valve

SS SS Series(Wiring System: Central Terminal Box) Wet Type Solenoid Valve 12pages 890KB
SASA Series(Wiring System: DIN Connector Type) Wet Type Solenoid Valve12pages879KB
SLSL Series (Wiring System : Central Terminal Box) Wet Type Solenoid Valve7pages421KB
DSSDSS (DSA) 22 Design Series Solenoid Control Valve8pages985KB
SFFine Solenoid Valve SF Series4pages221KB
SNHSNH Series Non-leak Type Solenoid Valve9pages731KB

PDFF. Pressure Control Valve

R Relief Valve 4pages 230KB
RIRI Series Relief Valve (ISO Mounting, Balanced Piston Type)3pages175KB
RC,RCDRemote Control Relief Valve2pages140KB
RSS,RSASolenoid Controlled Relief Valve5pages263KB
RISRI Series Solenoid Controlled Relief Valve3pages169KB
(C)GPressure Reducing (and Check) Valve5pages297KB
GRBalancing Valve (Pressure Reducing and Relief Valve)2pages143KB
(C)QPressure Control (and Check) Valve7pages412KB

PDFG. Flow Control Valve

(C)FR Throttle (and Check) Valve 3pages 145KB
(C)FTFT Type Flow Control (and Check) Valve (With Pressure and Temperature Compensation)4pages221KB
(C)FF Type Flow Control (and Check) Valve (With Pressure Compensation)3pages159KB
(C)TNTN Type Flow Control (and Check) Valve (Fine Adjustment Type With Pressure and Temperature Compensation)3pages176KB
(C)TSTS Type Flow Control (and Check) Valve (Fine Adjustment Type With Pressure and Temperature Compensation)2pages118KB
TL,TLTTL (TLT) Type Feed Control Valve (Fine Control Type With Pressure Compensation)3pages226KB

PDFH. Direction Control Valves

CA,CN Right Angle Check Valve In-line Check Valve 3pages 127KB
CPPilot Check Valves3pages157KB
K2Gauge Cock1pages66KB
DMADMA Type Manual Valve2pages172KB
-Flange Type Check Valve/Throttle Valve Pilot Operated Check Valve1pages61KB

PDFI. Electro-hydraulic control Valve

- Electro-hydraulic Proportional Valve Series 1pages 83KB
EPRElectro-hydraulic Proportional Pilot Relief Valve2pages129KB
ERElectro-hydraulic Proportional Relief Valve2pages145KB
EGBElectro-hydraulic Proportional Relief and Reducing Valve2pages138KB
(C)ESElectro-hydraulic Proportional Flow Control Valve3pages215KB
ESR Load Response Electro-hydraulic Proportional Relief and Flow Control Valve3pages201KB
ESDElectro-hydraulic Proportional Flow and Direction Control Valve8pages1,226KB
EOGModular Type Electro-hydraulic Proportional Reducing Valve2pages130KB
EOFModular Type Electro-hydraulic Proportional Flow Control Valve2pages181KB
EMA,EMCPower Amplifier Series for Electrohydraulic Proportional Valve Drive4pages744KB
EBASmall Type Power Amplifier Series for Electro-hydraulic Proportional Valve Drive4pages1,484KB
EDA,EDCSmall Type Multi-function Power Amplifier4pages855KB
ESHHigh-response proportional flow control valve ESH-G012pages137KB
ESHHigh-response proportional flow control valve ESH-G03,04,062pages230KB
EHAHigh-speed Response Proportional Control Valve Amplifier EHA Series2pages321KB

PDFK. Hydraulic Cylinder

FJ FJ Series General Purpose Hydraulic Cylinder 8pages 2,898KB

PDFL. Hydraulic Unit

NCP-NACHI PACK (Standard Variable Pump Unit) 17pages 1,407KB
NEP-NACHI PACK Economy Series (NEP)2pages130KB
NSP-NACHICCO 2 (Compact Variable Pump Unit)4pages363KB
NNP-NACHI NN PACK (Low-noise Standard Variable Pump Unit)5pages387KB

PDFM. Hydraulic Accessories

Hydraulic Accessories 1pages 121KB

PDFN. Technical data

Operating Fluid 2pages 78KB
Water-Glycol Type Operating Fluid Hydraulic Devices4pages73KB
SI Units and Conversion Formulas3pages85KB

PDFO. Model No. Index

Model No. Index 3pages 56KB

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