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August 17, 2004

Development of High Efficient MQL Machining System
-- MQL Power Cell (Machine Tool) and MQL Power Long Drill -

NACHI-FUJIKOSHI CORP. developed a set of MQL Power Cell (machine tool) and MQL Power Long Drill as a high efficient deep hole machining system, and put it into market in August.
A machining system which combined a machine tool and cutting tools enables productivity improvement, reduction of cost, energy-saving and space-saving for deep hole machining lines which need highly advanced production technology such as the line for crank shafts of automobiles.
   (Note) MQL machining: Minimum Quantity Lubrication
     A method of machining with spraying refined coolant in very small quantity

1. Backgrounds of development
  1. Efforts of NACHI-FUJIKOSHI CORP. in machining business
    • NACHI-FUJIKOSHI CORP. has worked for the development of a machining system which is a set of a machine tool and cutting tools, utilizing the strength of having both cutting tools and machine tools, and has contributed to the improvement of production technology for customers.
    • At the same time, we have worked for the development and practical application of dry machining technology which does not use coolant and MQL machining (semi-dry machining) technology which uses a very small amount of coolant to respond to the growing environmental concerns, with the concept of "Economy and Ecology."
      (We developed it into broaching, form rolling, and gear cutting fields as well as round tools including drills and end mills.)
    • We have received high reputation from our customers since we commercialized machine tools and cutting tools which respond to the machining of crank shafts for automobiles in 1949.
    • Moreover, Micro Finisher* (film lapping machine) was introduced into various companies for a finishing process of crank shafts (bearing surfaces), and it has a overwhelming market share in the domestic market.
    • This time, we developed a high efficient machining system which responds to MQL, achieving productivity improvement, reduction of cost, energy-saving and space-saving for the whole machining line of crank shafts.
      *Micro Finisher: A machine tool to finish cylinder surfaces with high precision with grinding powder coated films (polishing film).
  2. Customer needs for the deep hole machining of crank shafts
    • High efficient machining of deep holes whose length is over 20 times the diameter of the hole. (MQL machining, non step machining)
      (Up to now, step machining by which hole drilling was done in several times was popular.)
    • Improvement of drilling stability. (Reduction of breakage troubles by chip packing)
    • Reduction of equipment cost. (Reduction of the number of machines and spaces)
    • Environment-friendly production lines. (Vanishing of waste fluid and waste material, alleviation of the subsequent washing process to decrease environmental burdens and costs)
2. Features of a deep hole machining system for crank shafts
--MQL Power Cell and MQL Power Long Drill-
  1. High efficient machining
    • MQL machining system was applied. It enabled non step machining of a deep hole whose length is over 20 times the diameter of the hole by spraying 1 to 3 cc of coolant per hour.
      It also achieved high speed feeding at 500 to 1,000mm per minute, and substantially shortened the time of deep hole machining which was a bottleneck process.
      (One fifth or below compared to conventional methods)
    • The tool design of a special shape and chip dropping away bed enables smooth discharge of chips which arise during deep hole machining.
      By combining newly developed carbide material with enhanced abrasion resistance and toughness and TiAlN-related coating with excellent heat resistance and smoothness at cutting edge, the tool life which is more than 10 times compared to the conventional method was achieved.
      (100 holes -> 1,000 holes in case of the hole whose length is 100mm)
    • It detects errors during machining and secures high reliability. It contributes to the improvement of line operation rate by adding backup tool function.
  2. Energy-saving, space-saving, and reduction of environmental burdens
    • Reduction of the number of machines by half is possible by the improvement of productivity.
    • It achieved downsizing of machining equipment and substantial space-saving, targeting at crank shafts of automobiles.
      (Floor space: 12.1m2 -> 4.8m2, weight of equipment: 9.0 ton -> 3.8 ton ---60% reduction)
    • Weight saving of equipment and minimization of coolant enabled reduction of energy consumption 40%.
    • Environmental burdens were decreased by substantial reduction of coolant. (Use of coolant: 10 liter/minute -> 1 to 3 cc/minute)
3. Basic specifications
  1. MQL Power Cell
    • Size of equipment: length 1,200mm x height 1,800mm x width 4,000mm
      (Including chip disposing equipment )
    • Stroke: X 500mm, Y 200mm, Z 450mm
    • Traveling speed: 48m / minute
    • Range of work: 350mm to 620mm (Total length of work)
    • ATC (Auto Tool Changer) function: automatic change of cutting tools (up to 12 pieces)
  2. MQL Power Long Drill
    • Size: Diameter 4mm to 8mm    Total length 150mm to 300mm
4. Sales target
  • MQL Power Cell: 2 billion yen annually
  • MQL Power Long Drill: 100 million yen annually