News Releases

September 8, 2005

Start of "Symbio" Series, a New Brand for Cutting Tools

NACHI-FUJIKOSHI CORP. will name new family brands for major product groups including cutting tools, in order to actively appeal their superiority as product groups.
We will position high function round tools as "Symbio (harmonious coexistence)," aiming harmonious coexistence of human beings and environment, to achieve the collaboration with diversified need and advancing machining technology.
"Symbio" Series consist of "AQUA Drills," "X's-mill Geo," "GS-mills," "DLC Drills" and "DLC End Mills," "Mold Meister Ball," and "AG-mills"-the superior product groups that utilized our unique technology in material, coating and machining. We will provide most suitable cutting tools for wide fields, achieving high efficiency and high cost performance.

Note 1-Round tools: Rotary cutting tools such as drills and end mills

NACHI Symbio Series
Debut of "AG-mill Square," a high function high-speed steel end mill
On September 21, NACHI-FUJIKOSHI CORP. will release "AG-mill Square," a high function high speed steel end mill which substantially enhanced cutting efficiency by adopting the TiAlN-related coating on high alloy high speed steel which we newly developed.
By this release, the product lineup of Symbio Series "AG-mills," the major products for our cutting tool business, will be completed.

Note 2-High speed steels: High-grade special steel

1.Features of "AG-mill Square"

(1) Performance better than carbide mills It is a high function end mill that adopted the AG coating with excellent heat resistance and abrasion resistance capabilities on newly developed high alloy dissolved high-speed steel with excellent toughness.

  • Compared to conventional high-speed steel end mills, it doubled the milling speed (40-->80m/min), and it enabled over twice the feeding speed (210-->500mm/min), achieving the same milling performance with carbide end mills.
  • It reduces material cost compared to carbide end mills, offering high cost performance.

(2) Utilizing the high toughness of high speed steels, good performance in wide range of machines.Carbide end mills often caused chipping when they were used in conventional milling machines with low rigidity, and satisfactory quality and productivity could not be obtained. Due to the high toughness which is the feature of high alloy dissolved high speed steel, "AG-mill Square" achieves stable high efficient milling and long life, even when it is used in a machine tool with low rigidity.

(3) Wide array of items, can be utilized in various scenesWe developed items in 5 categories and 200 items for two flutes and four flutes. Together with previous "AG-mill Roughing" and "AG-mill Heavy," selection of cutting tools for various milling shapes, sizes, material and milling conditions is possible.

2.Application and sales target
(1) Application: It is effective for wide variety of materials such as general steel, alloy steel, pre-hardened steel, and stainless steel.
(2) Size: diameter 1-50mm
AG-mill Square Two Flutes, Two Flutes Medium, Two Flutes Long
AG-mill Square Four Flutes, Four Flutes Long
(3) Price: 3,000 yen to 70,000 yen
(4) Start of sales: September 21, 2005
(5) Sales target: In the fiscal year 2006, 300 million yen for AG-mill Square, and 1 billion yen for the whole AG-mill Series