News Releases

February, 2006

NACHI-FUJIKOSHI, Expanding our Mechanical Engineering Business
- Newly established re-grinding and re-coating tool business -

Cutting tools wear down, creating an inability to guarantee precision. Now, re-grinding and re-coating the edge to extend the life of the tools is gaining importance. The machine technology and material utilized by NACHI-FUJIKOSHI has allowed us to build a firm position in the cutting tool field with heat treatment and mechanical element technology. Up to now, re-grinding and re-coating services were executed in addition to sales and manufacturing of new work tools as requested by major customers. Now, newly founded and expanded service bases for re-grinding and re-coating cutting tool businesses have been added to the American and Chinese market, expanding our mechanical engineering business in the world marketplace.

Regarding the re-grinding and re-coating business
  1. The follow-up for domestic and overseas customer factories is complete. Re-grinding and re-coating are promoted positively. High quality products and high quality service are offered.
  2. Investigating the use of second-hand cutting tools, in regards to suitability of working conditions and verifying efficiency. Future development of process methods are formed.
(1) Foreign Business Expansion
In Shanghai, China, a company specializing in re-grinding and re-coating precision tools such as broaches and forming racks was established, creating a machinery engineering center for business expansion in China.
Company Name: NACHI (Shanghai) Precision Tools Co.,Ltd.
Location: Shanghai city
Started Operation: January, 2006
A company specializing in re-coating and re-grinding precision tools is established in North Carolina for the numerous automobile parts manufacturers in America. In the future, this will create a base for machinery engineering in the US.
Company Name: NACHI Precision North Carolina Inc.
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Started Operation: February, 2006
(2)Domestic Business Expansion
  • East Japan service center re-grinding facility was renewed to expand the present business. The show room and machinery demonstration facility are established together.
  • Organized allied manufacturers and established re-grinding technology and quality guarantee system. Starting with 8 Fujikoshi qualified re-grinding manufacturers
(3) Sales targets of re-grinding and re-coating business

2006: 1 billion Yen
2008: 3 billion Yen