News Releases

June, 2006

Strengthen tool-coating and heat treatment equipment

In June, 2006, the tool-coating and heat treatment plant in Toyama was extended and refurbished, doubling the floor space to 5,400 square meters. Some of the most advanced equipment was installed, which can increase processing capacity of coating and heat treatment by 30%. NACHI is responding to increasing demand from emerging markets, mainly in eastern Asia.

Based on an active situation in automobile and aircraft industry, demand for our broaches has doubled in these three years and is expected to increase continuously. Coating division combined its operation lines, which spread in three places in the past, and reduced human operations to improve its productivity. Six advanced coating machines were introduced to respond to an increasing demand for re-coating of round tools and broaches. In heat treatment division, two new machines specialized for broaches were also installed to manufacture jet engines and gas turbine.