News Releases

November 29, 2006
(Kensuke Imura, president/Head office: Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture, Japan)

The release of "AQUA Drill 3 Flutes with End Cutting Teeth," the next-generation high-precision, cemented carbide drill

On December 1, 2006, Nachi-Fjikoshi expanded the product line of its well-received AQUA Drill Series by introducing the high-precision carbide drill, "AQUA Drill 3 Flutes with End Cutting Teeth."

*Features of the "AQUA Drill 3 Flutes with End Cutting Teeth"
  1. Can correct prepared holes as precisely as an end mill
  2. High-quality drilling finish that is ten times more efficient than that of a reamer
  3. Excellent durability, ten times stronger than a reamer

Machine components (from soft steel or low carbon steel to mild and hard steel, up to 55HRC) for correcting casting holes of molding materials and pre-hardened steel, and the finishing work of casting holes of casting iron components. Applicable sizes: Nine sizes ranging between o3.0 and o12.0 (alternative sizes are available on request)