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December 21, 2006

Launching the "Artis SC400LC," a clean room robot with the world heaviest payload transfer capability

Taking the best advantage of technology and know-how cultivated for large and heavy payload transfer robots in the automobile market, NACHI-FUJIKOSHI has developed the "Artis SC400LC," a new clean room robot with the world best capability to transfer heavy payload. The company aims to expand the flat panel display market with the robot.
Arcis: Brand name of clean room robots

1. Prominent features of NACHI-FUJIKOSHI´s robot business
  1. Strong advantages in the large and heavy payload transfer robots industry
  2. Access to the FPD (flat panel display) industry
  3. Newly-built plant facility exclusive for large-size robot production
2. Features of the Artis SC400LC
  1. The world largest clean room robot with six-axis, vertical-type, multi-articulated structure
  2. Large wrist torque that can transfer the 9th generation super-size glass substrate
  3. Expanded mobility range through extended reach and stroke