News Releases

January 31, 2007
School of Engineering, Tohoku University

NACHI-FUJIKOSHI and Tohoku University collaborate on the innovation of a special steel production, creating the world´s hardest, ultra fine steel.

NACHI-FUJIKOSHI together with Prof. Kiyohito Ishida of the School of Engineering, Tohoku University, has developed a new method for producing special steel including stainless steel. This innovation produces the hardest ultra fine steel wire that has the best ductility in the world. The innovative special steel production process integrates the CDC (carbide dispersion carburizing) method developed by Tohoku University and the production technology for " Micron Hard, " a very hard ultra fine wire developed by NACHI-FUJIKOSHI.

The first commercial product is an ultra fine stainless steel wire with high-hardness and ductility that was not possible with conventional methods. The company is actively cultivating a new market for the " CDC Process /Micron Hard " to be used in a wide variety of industrial parts including machine and structural components, electric and electronics products and medical tools.