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October 9, 2007

Nachi-Fujikosh launches FM ALLOY®, a new high grade material for high performance components.
- Establishes a unique manufacturing method -

Nachi-Fujikoshi has developed a new high-grade material for high performance components and will start a full-scale launch.FM ALLOY® is the result of a unique manufacturing method including a special metal-melting process.
1. Characteristics and applied usage of FM ALLOY®

(1) Expanding the needs for high-grade and high-performance materials

  • The materials for high-performance components are used in precision machinery as well as in vehicles such as automobiles and in airplanes. User demands are increasing for advanced and more sophisticated or more complex materials that can satisfy basic functions and the characteristics of special steel such as wear-resistant while having higher performance in increased rigidity, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and machining workability. Thus, higher-grade material is ever more needed that can satisfy all of these characteristics.

(2) Characteristics of FM ALLOY®

  • With Nachi-Fujikoshi’s own proprietary manufacturing technology, we have successfully commercialized “FM ALLOY” that features the following characteristics:
  • Very little impurity (or very clean)
  • Very fine grain
  • Homogeneous carbides
With these characteristics, FM ALLOY® has dramatically improved fatigue strength, toughness, corrosion resistance, workability and mirror-finish properties.

(3) Major categories of FM ALLOY® and its applied usage

  • EXEO Series: For new products areas including components for aircrafts, boats and vessels, automobiles and ultra-precision machines.
  • PROVA Series: As corrosion resistant mold material applied for high-performance resin, as well as for mirror-surface plastic mold steel.
2. Establishes new manufacturing methods including special melting technology

(1) Characteristics of the newly established special melting technology

  • The introduction of the VIM furnace or the vacuum induction melting furnace has integrated Nachi-Fujikoshi’s own melting technology and know-how. The VIM furnace can achieve the highest vacuum level in Japan. And through precise controlling of the microstructure, a new material of higher grade and higher alloying becomes possible.
  • The introduction of the ESR furnace or the electro slag re-melting furnace makes it possible to remove impure substances and segregation, and to use with larger components.

(2) Outline of the capital investment

Construction of a new melting plant that is equipped with the VIM and ESR furnaces.
  • Sum of the investment: Approximately 3 billion yen including melting furnaces and plant structures
  • Land area of the new plant (total floor area): Approximately 3,100 square meters
3. Business target of FM ALLOY®
Placing FM ALLOY® at the core of the materials business, Nachi-Fujikoshi aims to develop a full-scale market rollout in the areas of components for aircrafts, boats and vessels, and automobiles, electric and electronic components, and ultra-precision machine components.
The consolidated business of the Material Division is targeted to be 27 billion yen by 2010 or 180% that of 2007.