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July 30, 2009

One-stop shopping for hole processing
Simultaneous launch of AG Starting Drill, Aqua Drill EX Flat,
Aqua Drill EX Oil Hole

Enabling higher quality boring and providing a total solution for hole processing, NACHI-FUJIKOSHI Corp. has launched a complete line up of drills that are ideal for drilling from pre to post drilling processes.

In July 2009, three series were released. AG Starting Drills are for the initial centering process and Aqua Drill EX Flat products provide counter boring and flat-bottom hole boring capabilities. In addition Aqua Drill EX Oil Hole drills ensure highly efficient boring for hole depths of 3D, 5D, and 8D.
Including newly launched flat and oil-hole drills, you can now choose six types of product from the Aqua Drill EX Series.

Aqua Drill EX Series: You get excellent precision and high efficiency for various materials and process conditions from high-strength carbide alloy combined with the superior resistance to heat and wear, and excellent smoothness of Aqua EX coating.

1.  AG Starting Drill
(1) High positioning accuracy and wide range of application
The large clearance angle enables an improved cutting edge and control of cutting force. You can be confident of highly accurate positioning when engaging curved or angled surfaces or other situations susceptible to skittering or other instability when the drill tip initially makes contact. The combination of our own specially developed high-alloy high-speed steel and the exceptional wear resistance of AG coating ensures high durability: even during sustained periods of use, you can achieve consistent results and maintain positional accuracy within 0.02 mm.
And, because the tip has been squared into a chisel shape to improve the strength of the cutting edge, the tool can be used for chamfering the edges of holes and plate-edge corners, and for V grooving flat or curved surfaces.
(2) Size range and price
  • Diameter 3–20 mm
  • Chamfer angle 60°, 90°, 120°, 140°
  • Tool length: Standard and long shank
  • 56 sizes
  • JPY 1,530 to JPY 10,700 per item
2.  Aqua Drill EX Flat
(1) Ideal for counter boring, guide holes, and other flat-bottom boring
Besides the other outstanding features of the Aqua Drill EX Series, the implementation of a low-thrust special thinning form enables flat-hole boring to depths of 2D.
From counter boring, such as for holes to receive hex bolts, to preprocessing on curved and angled surfaces, to drilling guide holes for deep boring or predrilling for tapping, and for minimizing burr when drilling holes in thin plate, you get excellent cutting performance and flat-bottom holes.
(2) Size range and price
  • Diameter 3–20 mm
  • 39 sizes
  • JPY 6,120 to JPY 53,700 per item
3.  Aqua Drill EX Oil Hole
(1) Consistent highly efficient boring of wide range of work materials.
(Basic features are same as for Aqua Drill EX Series)
Featuring a keen cutting edge with a form that reduces cutting force to a minimum, even in small machining centers with less than optimal rigidity, this design reduces vibration and enables consistent hole boring. In addition, it features large chip pockets and J-shaped (shallow) flutes that forcefully curl the chips and achieve better chip ejection. For boring to depths of 3D, 5D, and 8D, you can now achieve highly precise and efficient wet and MQL drilling.
(2) Size range and price
  • Diameter 3–16 mm, pitch 0.1 mm
  • Hole depth 3D, 5D, 8D
  • 393 sizes
  • JPY 10,100 to JPY 49,100 per item
4.  Sales target and other information
  • Total sales of the three product lines: JPY 300 million in FY 2010
  • On sale: from July 21, 2009