News Releases

Aug 6, 2009

Organizational reform and personnel redeployment

Continuing on from July, to strengthen overseas sales, to promote advanced technological research, and to enhance engineering capability in the Production, NACHI FUJIKOSHI Corp. has embarked on further wide-ranging redeployment of personnel.

Organizational adjustments (as of August 10)
  • A Development Planning Division was newly set up in the Development Headquarters. Focusing on the energy infrastructure market, the Department is carrying out survey research of advanced technology and is seeking to discover new research themes.
  • A System Engineering Section was newly set up in the Robot Division. Its purpose is to properly respond to needs arising from the introduction of robot systems, which have to match a wide variety of applications ranging right across the industrial field.
  • The Technical Department of the Machine Tool Department has been divided into three departments, one for each mainstay type of equipment. This has been done to improve competitiveness by, in each department, implementing integrated management of development, improvement, design, cost control, and quality. Responsibilities are as follows: Technical Dept. 1, Microfinisher and machining cell; Technical Dept. 2, Broaching and roll forming machines; Technical Dept. 3, milling machines.
  • The Information Planning Office of the General Affairs Department is dealing with restructuring of the overseas network, rationalization of the administration of the entire Group, and strengthening of information security and risk management functions.