News Releases

Aug 31, 2009

Organizational reform and personnel redeployment

NACHI FUJIKOSHI Corp. is undertaking reorganization to strengthen its hydraulic systems business. Company-wide personnel transfers (120 people) are being made, including the promotion of mid-level employees to managerial positions. Along with other redeployments made during July and August, this round of personnel transfers (430 people during Jul. to Sept.) concerning international sales, machinery, robots, and technological development, is being made to improve the company’s competitive edge.

Organizational adjustments (as of Sept 1, 2009)

To strengthen our hydraulic systems business by concentrating on hydraulic units, a Hydraulic Systems Center has been newly set up in the Hydraulic Department. It will work towards expanding the market mainly in fields such as industrial machinery and energy infrastructure.

  • While the construction machinery and machine tools sector, the main source of customers for hydraulic equipment, has been suffering a continuing slump in orders, the whole manufacturing industry and the energy infrastructure field are seeking significant reductions in energy use and needs have become stronger. This favors the development of a market for our energy-saving, compact, high-precision hydraulic units, products that embody the special strengths of the company.
  • In expansion at the Unit Section (Toyota Factory, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture) of the Hydraulic Department, a Hydraulic Systems Center (initially staffed by 30 people) has been newly set up and, among other means, by extending the testing and inspection functions, finely tuned customer response will be available.
  • NACHI Industrial Service (established Aug. 2008), in cooperation with the Hydraulic Systems Center, is going forward with innovative engineering business based on hydraulics, such as filtration systems (for cleaning the waste fluid generated during milling) and systems to compact the chips generated during cutting and milling