News Releases

January 28, 2010

Organizational reform

Nachi-Fujikoshi is carrying out a corporate restructuring aimed at expanding and improving its automotive hydraulics manufacturing system.

Nachi-Fujikoshi will establish a new automotive hydraulics department to extend its efforts in the field of automotive hydraulics. (As of February 1, 2010)

  • Combining bearings and hydraulic technology with proprietary technologies, Nachi-Fujikoshi manufactures hydraulics (solenoid valves, hydraulic units) for automobiles and maintains a strong position in this field.
  • Over 90% of automobiles in Japan that use an automatic transmission (AT) or continuously variable transmission (CVT) have a solenoid valve. In countries around the world, primarily the emerging nations, there is heightening demand for smooth, comfortable driving. This is leading to higher demand for AT and CVT systems, which leads directly to expanded orders and sales for automotive hydraulics.
  • For this reason, the automotive hydraulics department, which is currently part of the hydraulics department, will be established independently. Under the new automotive hydraulics department will be a development section and manufacturing section to strengthen production, development, and technical aspects of the system. (The goal is to double annual sales from 4 billion yen in fiscal 2009 to 8 billion yen in 2012.)