News Releases

April 10 , 2012

Enhanced Lineup of Extremely High Speed SRA Series
Spot Welding Robots

In November 2011, Nachi-Fujikoshi began the simultaneous global marketing of its extremely high speed SRA Series spot welding robots for manufacturers who need faster speeds to improve productivity in motor vehicle body welding. By marketing five new types of robots — including one with a 100kg payload, and some shelf-mounted types — we have enhanced our robot lineup from the original two types.

1. 100kg payload SRA100 robot offers even higher speeds

Nachi-Fujikoshi has developed a 100kg payload robot highly suitable for jobs requiring a light (50 to 100 kg) spot welding gun. This new type of robot, the SRA100, reduces spot welding cycle time by up to 40% over our existing ST166 robot. The SRA100 also has an extended work envelope, and can replace the 160kg payload class robots currently being used.

2. New on the market: Shelf-mounted SRA166T and SRA210T,
    long arm SRA166L, and shelf-mounted long arm SRA166TL

(One of Nachi-Fujikoshi's shelf-mounted robots)

Motor vehicle manufacturers in newly emerging countries such as China, and in Europe and North America, are setting up different types of assembly lines for their production of vehicle bodies. To satisfy their requirements, we have developed and are now marketing a number of new shelf-mounted robots that can perform welding tasks from a position above the vehicle body, close to the metal, as well as long arm (300mm) robots that can maneuver around obstructions during welding. Nachi's new lineup gives manufacturers flexibility in designing their production lines, and satisfies the particular requirements of its customers.

  • SRA166T (166kg payload, shelf-mounted)
  • SRA210T (210kg payload, shelf-mounted)
  • SRA166L (166kg payload, long arm)
  • SRA166TL (166kg payload, shelf-mounted, long arm)
3. Marketing target
  • We aim to sell 4,000 SRA Series robots per year, through comprehensive global marketing activities beginning in April 2012.
4. Upcoming event
  • Nachi-Fujikoshi will exhibit at the Japan International Welding Show, which runs for four days from April 11 to 14, 2012 at Intex Osaka.