News Releases

June , 2012

Nachi-Fujikoshi Group Enhances Its Compliance System
- Establishment of a New Compliance Committee and Compliance Promotion Department -

Until recently, our Legal Affairs Department was primarily responsible for ensuring the Nachi-Fujikoshi Group's compliance with laws, ordinances and regulations, but to enhance our compliance system we established a Compliance Committee on June 4. The Committee will remain active on a permanent basis.

The Compliance Committee is chaired by the Company President and includes as a member a lawyer from outside the company. The Committee will set compliance policies for the group as a whole, prepare and promote compliance measures, oversee compliance-related activities, and provide guidance.

We also recently established a Compliance Promotion Department, which will act as an organization enforcing policies and measures established by the Compliance Committee, and set up Compliance Promotion Groups that will work under departments responsible for sales, manufacturing and administration. These organizations will strive to ensure that employees throughout our group, including those in other countries, abide by compliance policies, and will also promote training and activities that spread awareness of compliance issues.

By enhancing and upgrading our compliance system, our group will be in a better position to ensure compliance with laws, ordinances and regulations, and to raise the confidence that the public has in us.