News Releases

December, 2013

Expansion of Precision Bearings Product Lineup

 To meet the diverse needs of customers in the industrial machinery market at home and abroad, NACHI-Fujikoshi is adding two new products to its precision bearings product lineup.

1."XY Type" Bearings for Small Ball Screws

(1) Market needs
 Small ball screws, which are used in positioning applications and conveyors for manufacturing equipment and analysis equipment, are expected to meet a wide range of needs, from high loads to light loads, all while maintaining the accuracy of conventional bearings. As such, the performance needs of bearings that support small ball screws, such as bearings that ensure high rigidity and improved load bearing, are increasing.

(2) Features of XY Type Bearings

a. Improved load-bearing capabilities and longer life compared to conventional products through adoption of a large-diameter ball and optimization of the track surface. XY Type
b. Adoption of a high-strength resin in the cage ensuring high precision and rigidity, and contributing to low-noise operation.
c. Easy replacement with existing products by using the same size as standard angular contact ball bearings.
2."AC Type Angular Contact Ball" Bearings for Machine Tools

(1) Market needs
 With the increased demand for machine tools geared toward heavy cutting, particularly in Europe, bearings that offer a higher processing load while maintaining the high-speed performance with respect to spindle bearings for machine tools are required.

(2) Features of AC Type Angular Contact Ball Bearings

a. Optimized contact angle of the ball and the track surface achieving approx. twice the stiffness when compared with conventional angular contact ball bearings. AC Type Angular Contact Ball Bearings for Machine Tools
b. Energy-savings realized through significant reduction in frictional resistance thanks to a highly rigid design and by adopting polyamide resin material boasting excellent sliding properties.
c. Ceramic ball type with a non-contact seal meets a wide variety of customer needs.
3.Sales Target

The annual sales goal of precision bearings in FY2016 is set at 6 billion yen.