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March 26 , 2014

Expansion of Carbide Drill Lineup

NACHI-FUJIKOSHI has expanded its lineup of small-diameter coated carbide drills for highly-efficient deep hole drilling "AQUA Drill EX Oil-Hole Longs" and small-diameter coated carbide drills for dedicated guide hole drilling "AQUA Drill EX Oil-Hole Pilots" to meet the growing need for small-diameter, deep hole drilling.

With the increased use of micro-machining associated with recent advances in miniaturization and sophistication of parts, there is a growing demand for small-diameter hole drilling. Hss drills having greater durability are being used due to the possibility of damage caused by chips during drilling operations, a problem common to small-diameter hole drilling; however, there is a growing need for carbide drills that have the ability to provide more efficient and stable drilling.

Lately, in the interest of meeting the need for drilling small-diameter holes in steel, alloy steel, cast iron, stainless steel and other metals, NACHI-FUJIKOSHI has added coated carbide drills of a small-diameter size ranging from 1.0 to 2.9mm to its lineup of carbide drills for highly-efficient deep hole drilling "AQUA Drill EX Oil-Hole Longs".

Also, the small-diameter series of coated carbide drills for dedicated guide hole drilling "AQUA Drill EX Oil-Hole Pilots" has been added, which is designed to allow high centripetal force to be developed on its drill bit during deep hole drilling, leading to improved performance of small-diameter, deep hole drilling.

As a result of these additions, AQUA Drill EX Oil-Hole Longs now have a total of 415 different sizes ranging from 1.0 to 12.0mm in diameter, and AQUA Drill EX Oil-Hole Pilots come in a total of 111 different sizes from 1.015 to 12.03mm in diameter.

We offer a far wider range of products than our competitors so as to meet the various needs of our customers.

1. Features

(1) AQUA Drill EX Oil-Hole Long

a.Realizing stable drilling of small-diameter, deep holes

The optimized design of its cutting edge / flute geometries allows for improved partibility / evacuation of chips. The smooth groove surfaces, combined with this design, helps further improve chip evacuation efficiency, realizing stable small-diameter, deep hole drilling.

b.Realizing long service life using AQUA EX coating

AQUA EX coating excelling in heat- / abrasion-resistance helps increase durability and machining stability during high-speed, deep hole drilling, realizing the prolonged service life of the drill.

c.Supporting a wide range of work materials

The oil holes are used to keep the inside of the drill oiled, which allows for drilling in a broad range of work materials from carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron to stainless steel.

(2) AQUA Drill EX Oil-Hole Pilot

a.Geometry best suited for preparation for the post process of drilling small-diameter, deep holes

Our commitment to the pilot drill geometry best suited for fully utilizing the drilling performance of an "AQUA Drill EX Oil-Hole Long” in the post process, with consideration given to the behavior of the drill starting the pilot and the drill’s guide characteristics. The cutting edge geometry being effective in starting a hole provides increased accuracy in positioning, thereby reducing possible hole deviation in the post process.

2. Size and pricing

(1)AQUA Drill EX Oil-Hole Long (Addition of the small-diameter series, those of Ø3.0mm or more are popular / available for sale)

 · Series : For 10D, for 15D and for 20D Drilling depth relative to D (Drill diameter)
 · Size : Diameter Ø1.0 to Ø2.9mm 60 different sizes (20 different sizes for each series)
 · Pricing : Representative model  For 10D  1.0mm  16,000 yen/piece (Tax excluded)
  For 20D  2.0mm  21,600 yen/piece (Tax excluded)

(2)AQUA Drill EX Oil-Hole Pilot (Addition of the small-diameter series, those of Ø3.03mm or more are popular / available for sale)

 · Size : Diameter Ø1.015 to Ø2.915mm 20 different sizes
 · Pricing : Representative model   1.015mm  9,200 yen/piece (Tax excluded)
   2.015mm  9,200 yen/piece (Tax excluded)
3. Launch date and sales target
· Launch of sales : March 24, 2014
· Sales target : 100 million yen per year
4. Future initiatives

Expansion of the lineup and size range of the AQUA Drill EX series and upgrade of the sales / production systems, with the goals of serving a broad range of customer requirements and capturing over 20% of the domestic carbide drill market share by 2016.


Coated carbide drills "AQUA Drill EX Series"

: The main series of our coated carbide drills made up of ultrahard materials with an AQUA EX coating that allows for high processing stability and high efficiency of drilling holes.
: The entire lineup, being well-received in the market and available for sale, comes in 12 types and 2200 sizes. In addition to the two current items, AQUA Drill EX enables the drilling through a sloping surface in one smooth operation by flattening the edge 180 degrees and reducing burr formation.