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December 24 , 2014

Simultaneous Global Launch of the World’s Fastest and Lightest
Compact Robot (MZ04) and Low Power Motors Version (MZ04E)

1. Expanding the Compact Robot Market

Both in Japan and around the world, compact robots are automating not only production floors that make cars and industrial equipment but also the electric and electronics fields and light industries that produce chemicals, foods and other consumer products. Parallel to this, demand is rapidly growing in emerging economies like China to replace manual jobs with compact robots because of rising labor costs and shrinking labor resources.

2. Marketing at Nachi-Fujikoshi

In September 2013, Nachi-Fujikoshi launched the MZ07 compact robot and has been cultivating the world’s compact robot markets via our distributors network such as original tools, bearings, hydraulic fluids and other own-brand products and robot integrators.

At this time, we are launching the “MZ04” as the world’s fastest and lightest compact robot and the “MZ04E” as a safe robot, with targets set on the 3-4 kg payload capacity segment of the compact robot market. By greatly improving ease of use, we are lowering the automation threshold so that businesses that have never used robots before can accelerate their introduction.

3. Top-Rate Performance and Specifications

(1) The World’s Fastest Robots
Owing to a lighter arm and state-of-the-art control technology, these robots are fastest in their class. It realizes shorter cycle times and higher productivity in a wide range of applications.

(2) Designed to Work with Peripheral Equipment
The wrist has a hollow structure so as to stow cables, which greatly reduces interference risks with other cell equipment.

(3) Lightweight Compact Body Enables Greater Installation Options
The robot itself has a footprint equal to an A5 sheet of paper, which minimizes installation space. It also weighs just 26 kg, which increases layout options to include suspending from above, wall-mounting and tilted postures.

4. Greater Ease of Use

(1) Easy Operation
The robot series incorporate direct teaching technology that allows operators to physically move the arm to teach the required operations. This hands-on operation with the robot simplifies and greatly shortens the teaching process.

(2) Easy Maintenance
The body is smooth and rounded, so dust does not easily adhere and simple wiping is all that is needed for cleaning.

5. User-Friendly

The lineup includes the MZ04E that uses motors of a rated output of no greater than 80w on each of its axes. It can be used without safety fences* and operators can work adjacent to the robot. (* Risk assessment required)

6. Launch plans

(1) Launch date : 12/25/2014

(2) Price : Market and Volume Price

(3) Sales target : 2,000unit/year (2015)

7. For Information About New Products

Robot Business Planning Dept., Robot Business Unit, Nachi-Fujkoshi Corp.