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September 3 , 2015

Two New Series of Spherical Roller Bearings Introduced

1. Our company’s initiatives

As a comprehensive machine manufacturer engaged in the integrated production of materials, parts, and products, our company has continued to develop and sell high-performance bearings for industrial machines, including highly innovative ball screw support bearings and thin section bearings.

In the field of spherical roller bearings, in uses centered on reduction gears and iron-making equipment, the world-class high load-carrying capacity of our products has been highly evaluated by the market, thereby resulting in a market share of about 20% in Japan.

We are now adding two new series to our spherical roller bearing line as part of our efforts to expand market share by responding to the need for high performance in the industrial equipment market both in Japan and abroad.

2. Overview of the new products

· “EXQ Series” of spherical roller bearings

EXQ Series

(1) Target markets

Industrial machine field in general, including paper- and iron-making equipment; construction, agricultural, and mining equipment; reduction gears, etc.

(2) Market needs

Spherical roller bearings provide good alignment performance due to the spherical shaped raceway and rollers, and they have been adopted in a wide range of industrial machine fields because they are easy to work with and have a high load capacity compared to other bearings. With the rise in industrial-machine performance in recent years, it has become increasingly necessary to handle even higher axial loads* and high-speed rotation.

Our company is now introducing the “EXQ Series” of spherical roller bearings in order to satisfy high-load and higher-speed needs in a wide range of industrial machine fields.

(3) Characteristics

a. Greater axial load bearing capacity

Through optimization of the internal shape, axial load bearing capacity has been increased up to 25% compared to past products. This has enabled utilization in high-load applications where use of spherical roller bearings has been considered difficult in the past.

b. Increase in limiting speeds

Since roller rotation conditions have been stabilized and bearing heat generation reduced, we have achieved world-class limiting speeds that are approximately 10% higher than those of past products. This will contribute to greater production efficiency by enabling greater speeds and greater efficiency for industrial machines.

c. Handling of 200°C

Performing heat stabilization processing as a standard process has made possible use in high-heat (up to 200°C) environments.

d. High impact resistance

The definition of “EXQ-V Specifications” has greatly increased cage impact resistance to also support usage in severe environments such those of mining machines.

(4) Product Lineup

We have 109 models with bearing outside diameters from 52 mm to 280 mm.

*Axial load

The load placed parallel with the rotation axis of the bearing. Also called thrust load.

(Supplemental information)

In general industrial machines (large equipment, etc.), axis flexure is large and mounting errors can easily occur so frequent use is made of spherical roller bearings which can handle axial loads in addition to the load perpendicular to the rotation axis (radial load).

· “EXS1 Series” of spherical roller thrust bearings

EXS1 Series

(1) Target markets

Industrial machines (primarily injection molding machines)

(2) Market needs

Spherical roller thrust bearings have come to be used at sites subject to a large axial load, such as in injection molding machines, vertical pumps, ship propellers, etc. In the case of injection molding machines, in conjunction with the use of motors in drive systems, progress has been made in reducing electricity consumption, reducing the environmental burden, and shifting to maintenance-free operation. Furthermore, in recent years, there have been intensifying efforts to handle higher speeds and sudden speed increases/decreases in order to raise productivity.

Our company is now introducing the “EXS1 Series” of spherical roller thrust bearings that are compatible with the higher speeds resulting from use of motors in injection molding machines and are also compatible with grease lubrication for maintenance-free operation.

(3) Characteristics

a. Increase in limiting speeds

Through shape optimization and surface processing of the cage as well as an increase in roller end face precision, we have greatly reduced rotation resistance and achieved a low temperature rise. This has enabled world-class limiting speeds that are approximately 30% higher than those of past products, and it has made it possible to handle higher speeds for injection molding machines, etc.

b. Compatibility with grease lubrication

Improvements such as the optimization of cage shape have stabilized movement during rotation and also facilitated grease supply to the cage guide, thus making a low temperature rise possible. This has made oil supply components unnecessary while also contributing to environmental measures and maintenance-free operation.

c. Long product life

Optimization of inner/outer ring raceway and roller shapes has enabled contact surface stress uniformity. This makes it possible to increase product life by about a factor of two compared to past products even in high-cycle usage environments.

(4) Product Lineup

We have 14 models with bearing outside diameters from 130 mm to 320 mm.
There are plans to gradually introduce 8 models with bearing outside diameters from 150 mm to 270 mm.

3. Launch timing and sales targets
(1) Launch timing : Worldwide simultaneous launch beginning September 2015
(2) Sales targets : In FY2017, expand overall spherical roller bearing sales by a factor of 1.3 (as compared to FY2014).