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August 19, 2019

Nachi-Fujikoshi Launches the “AquaREVO Drills Oil-Hole”

1. Our efforts

NACHI-Fujikoshi launched the AquaREVO Drills, a carbide drill with a completely renewed material, shape, and coating, in 2018. It features a long tool life, high efficiency, and multipurpose that have been recognized by a wide range of users, indicated by it is expanded market share.

Now, we are introducing the AquaREVO Drills Oil-Hole, which adopts a new concept oil-hole shaped, to our lineup. On sites that require high-efficiency machining, this product will improve users' productivity and cost reduction.

2. Overview of the AquaREVO Drills Oil-Hole

(1) Targeted markets and needs

On sites machining car parts, mechanical parts, etc., there is an increasing demand for improved machining efficiency and longer tool life. In addition, amid rising demand for the machining of difficult to cut materials such as stainless steel that easily become work-hardened, the need for internally feeding oil-hole drills is increasing.

(2) Features

By orchestrating proprietary NACHI-Fujikoshi technologies and the expertise of our Materials Department, we have adopted a novel oil hole, the REVO Power Cooler, for new carbide materials that provide superior rigidity, toughness, and wear resistance. Through fluid and stiffness analysis, we have developed an optimal oil hole shape, which drastically improves cooling, lubricating, and chip evacuation performance.

① Overwhelmingly long tool life

The REVO Power Cooler enables the doubling of the internal oil feed discharge rate, compared to our conventional product. This increase of the flowrate and flow velocity of cutting oil realizes a high cooling performance at the machining point, and improving lubricating and chip evacuation performance, allowing this product to attain approximately twice the tool life of general-purpose oil-hole drills.

② High-efficiency machining

The REVO Power Cooler, featuring high cooling, lubricating, and chip evacuation performance, together with the REVO-D coating, which has superior wear and oxidation resistance, enable improved machining performance during high-feed cutting and high feed processing.

③ Support for a wide range of work materials

Despite being a general-purpose oil-hole drill, when drilling stainless steel, the product has more than double the tool life of competitorís oil hole drills dedicated stainless steel. The AquaREVO Drills Oil-Hole can be used for all work materials, from general steel to high hardness steel, stainless steel, titanium alloys, and heat-resistant alloys.

(3) Series, dimension ranges, and prices

AquaREVO Drills Oil-Hole

3D  Size range : Ø3.0 to Ø16.0 Total : 131 sizes
Reference size : Typical dimension : Ø6.0  Entire length : 82mm 
14,200 yen/piece (tax excluded)
5D  Size range : Ø3.0 to Ø16.0 Total : 131 sizes
Reference size : Typical dimension : Ø6.0  Entire length : 100 mm 
16,400 yen/piece (tax excluded)
8D  Size range : Ø3.0 to Ø16.0 Total : 131 sizes
Reference size : Typical dimension : Ø6.0  Entire length : 118 mm 
18,400 yen/piece (tax excluded)

(4) Release date and target sales

Release date : Synchronized worldwide launch on August 21, 2019
(8D: To be released on February 21, 2020)
Target sales : Annual sales of 0.5 billion yen in the first year, with the goal of annual sales of 1.5 billion yen in three years