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Cutting Tools

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Responding to demand for lower processing costs and shorter lead times, as well as your need to process diverse work pieces and to reduce environmental impact.
As your partner in manufacturing excellence, Nachi-Fujikoshi supports you in an ever-evolving environment, where you need to win the process challenges of increased efficiency, increased precision, and increased functionality.

New Products

The new carbide endmill
AquaREVO Mills were born in AquaREVO Series
that material, design, coating are completely all renewed

  • Developed the AquaREVO Mills
    as the third of the AquaREVO series
  • Suppress chatter vibration
    by adoption of unequally spaced blades and variable leads.
  • REVO-M coat with high heat resistance
    and thermal shock resistance demonstrates
    excellent durability in dry and wet processing
  • Compatible with a wide range of materials
    from Structural steel to Stainless steel and Hardened steel



Longer tool life by Overwhelming coolant amount New development Carbide Oil-Hole material

  • As the second of AquaREVO series,
    developed "AquaREVO Drill Oil Hole".
  • Optimized Oil-Hole geometry
    "REVO Power Cooler" adoption.
  • Excellent function of Cooling, Lubrication
    and Chip evacuation by Fluid analysis.
  • Apply for wide range material, such as Stainless steel
    to High hardened material.



Carbide Drills of NACHI which continues to evolve from the first generation AQUA, the second one AQUA EX and AquaREVO

  • AquaREVO drills that gathered NACHI’s technologies.
  • Material, design, coating are completely all renewed.
  • Dramatically improves all functions required for drilling.



New style of innovative taps crystallized of the best NACHI technology

  • Using the NACHI owned material development technology, heat treatment, grinding technology.
  • According the mechanical processing principle and wear analysis of the gear cutting tool and broach processing technology, using the best shape design, small fluctuations in life to achieve stable processing.
  • Played a superior and efficient performance in the field of low-medium speed, 2x3x life than non-coated taps.
    Its long processing life also surpasses the coating taps.