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Industrial Furnaces and Coating

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Seeking to provide 'superior treatment processes' and 'clean finishes'
Nachi-Fujikoshi is able to propose new surface modification technologies.
Coatings are playing an increasingly important role in lengthening
the service life of products and in improving environmental performance.
Using well-seasoned know-how and wielding technological prowess,
Nachi-Fujikoshi has come to know a great deal about materials and
heat treatments. With these unique total-coating services, Nachi-Fujikoshi
continues to help shape the evolution of advanced industrial manufacturing.

Vacuum Carburizing Furnace EN-CARBO


  • Carburizing and quenching under low pressure with NACHI EN-CARBO vacuum carburizing system realize high-throughput and low cost production. High quality carburization such as uniformity, oxidation free grain boundary, and over-carburization free microstructures are another feature of our system.
Vacuum Degreasing Machine Clean Master J


  • Minimize solvent volume using proprietary circulating recycle system. Four cleaning functions keep foreign materials off product surfaces. Wide variety of products can be washed.