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MQL Power Cell DH524

MQL Power Cell DH524


  • Capable of MQL machining
    Non-pecking deep boring is enabled by MQL machining, with the result that machining efficiency has been improved five times.
  • Space saving
    The required machine space has been reduced to 40 percent. (as compared to our conventional product).
  • Energy saving
    Power consumption by the machine has been reduced to 60 percent. (as compared to our conventional product).
  • Improved maintainability
    Adoption of a single column structure improves the maintainability of the spindle unit.
    Use of a self-lubricating device for the ball screw and linear guide eliminates the need of routine lubricating oil management. Adoption of a highly rigid three-point support bed ensures improved stability of machine installation.
  • Improved chip removal efficiency
    Smooth removal of chips produced during machining process is ensured by the bed that allows chips to fall down immediately below.
  • Standardization of crankshaft machining jigs
    Three types of crankshaft machining standard jigs are available.