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For sure support in your advanced machining workshop, you can rely on Nachi-Fujikoshi, a long-running world leader in the field of industrial robotics.
Accumulated through work on vehicle production lines, successfully meeting the ongoing challenges of ever-advancing industrial production, our focused expertise with automation means you get both the most advanced robots and the confidence that they will go on working reliably.

New Products

Mid-size Robot with hollow wrist MZ25

Top-level reach and stroke

  • Supports various applications with large operating range and powerful wrist.
  • Hollow wrist structure with built-in cables minimizes cable interference with peripheral devices.
  • Equipped with IP 67 equivalent (dust-proof, moisture-resistant)/Coolant resistant paint/rust proof bolts, parts all as standard and adapts to various work environment.


High Speed and High Precision 1kg Compact Robot MZ01

High Speed and High Precision 1kg Compact Robot

  • Great for high density layouts.
  • Apply various applications.


Slim Collaborative Robot CZ10

Collaborative people-friendly design

  • Stops safely when contact is made with person.
  • Easy Programming.
  • Pinch points and sharp edges eliminated for safer human interaction.


Compact and multipurpose robot MZ12

Powerful and compact, High speed and precise

  • Protection level: IP67 rated
    Paint is coolant resistant.
  • Leads its class in speed in precision.
  • Footprint is 17% smaller than conventional robots.
  • Through-arm cabling and air piping included.