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Cutting Tools

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Responding to demand for lower processing costs and shorter lead times, as well as your need to process diverse work pieces and to reduce environmental impact.
As your partner in manufacturing excellence, Nachi-Fujikoshi supports you in an ever-evolving environment, where you need to win the process challenges of increased efficiency, increased precision, and increased functionality.

New Products

Burrless series
Reducing the burr at the exit of holes, and conical chips

  • Thinning shape to reduce the hole expansion and corner shape to cut without leaving burrs.
  • Excellent burrless performance on the cross hole which is difficult to deburring



Burrless series
Zero burrs at the internal diameter of internal thread

  • By cutting the inner diameter of the prepared hole at the same time, there is no burr generated on the inner diameter of the internal thread.
  • Left hand helix for through holes is also available.



Burrless series
Suppresing the burrs at the upper side surface of side machining

  • ADouble helical design with the right hand helical tooth on the end cutting edge and the left hand helical tooth on the shank side suppresses burrs on the top and bottom surfaces of the workpiece.
  • The inclines is lower than multipurpose End mills, achieving high machining accuracy.



The new series of “AquaREVO Mills for Stainless Steel” are available

  • Newly developed flute design “Air Flutes” (PAT.P)
  • Overwhelmy chip evacuation and cooling performance leads high efficiency milling and long tool life



New lineup of small diameter sizes has been added while keeping the features of the “Long tool life”, “High efficiency”, and “Multipurpose” of the AquaREVO Drill series

  • Achieves “long tool life that is hard to break” and “stable cutting with little dispersion” required for small-diameter drills.
  • Newly developed carbide material has improved both hardness and toughness by original component design for micro drill.
  • Achieves a drill that is hard to break with a flute shape that emphasizes rigidity and chip evacuation.



Overwhelmingly long tool life and low torque
forming tap

  • Excellent wear resistance, heat resistance and low friction are achieved by the newly developed ZT coating
  • Newly developed oil groove ZT flute (PAT.P) demonstrates high lubrication performance even in horizontal machining center
  • Newly developed material for forming tap that has both toughness and hardness
  • Compatible with a wide range of work materials, achieving overwhelming long tool life and low torque



The new carbide endmill
AquaREVO Mills were born in AquaREVO Series
that material, design, coating are completely all renewed

  • Developed the AquaREVO Mills
    as the third of the AquaREVO series
  • Suppress chatter vibration
    by adoption of unequally spaced blades and variable leads.
  • REVO-M coat with high heat resistance
    and thermal shock resistance demonstrates
    excellent durability in dry and wet processing
  • Compatible with a wide range of materials
    from Structural steel to Stainless steel and Hardened steel