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Special Steels

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Micron Hard

1.Shape of the wire

Material Shape (unit:mm) Accuracy (range)
High-speed steel [ Barrel finish, Centerless ]
Barrel finish, Centerless
Diameter 10µm
Out-of-round 5µm
Straightness 0.2mm/100mm
Cemented carbide [ Sintered ]
Diameter 100µm
[ Centerless ]
Diameter 2µm
Straightness 0.1mm/100mm
(note) square also available upon request

2.Shape of the finished product

Item Material Shape (unit:mm) Accuracy (range)
Punching punch Cemented carbide [ for Package ]
for Package

[ for Nozzle ]
for Nozzle
Diameter 3µm
Surface roughness of the tip 0.2S
Probe pin High-speed steel [ for Final ]
for Final
Diameter 5µm
Land of the tip 15µm
Ferrule pin Cemented carbide Ferrule pin Diameter 0.1µm
Gauge Cemented carbide Gauge Diameter 2µm
Roundness 1µm
Dot pin High-speed steel
Cemented carbide
[ Straight ]

[ Taper ]
Diameter 10µm