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Cutting Tools

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Regrinding and Recoating

Regrinding and Recoating / NACHI Tool Engineering Co., Ltd.

Our abundant knowledge as a specialized tool manufacturer and full range of equipment can recover your tool to its original state by processing it in the same manufacturing accuracy as that applied to new tools.

  • Your tool will be reground to the optimum shape according to its status so that its original cutting performance can be recovered.
  • Your tool will be recoated based on the same specifications and inspection standard as those applied to new tools so that its product life can be greatly extended.
  • Performance of your tool will be recovered to endure hard use in the same conditions as those expected for new tools.

Regrinding Sites in the World

Contact your local NACHI certified regrinding factory if you have a request for regrinding tools to extend their total life.


Regrinding and Recoating Contact Information

Contact us if you have any question about our products and services or an inquiry about prices and quotation.