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Slim Collaborative Robot CZ10

Basic Specification of Robot

Model CZ10
Number of axis 6
Drive System AC servo motor
Max.Working Envelope Axis 1 ±2.96rad (±170°)
Axis 2 -1.30 to +3.92rad (-75 to +225°)
Axis 3 -1.34 to +3.96rad (-77 to +227°)
Axis 4 ±3.14rad (±180°)
Axis 5 ±2.96rad (±170°)
Axis 6 ±6.28rad (±360°)
Max. Speed*1 Axis 1 2.09rad/s (120°/s)
Axis 2 2.09rad/s (120°/s)
Axis 3 3.14rad/s (180°/s)
Axis 4 3.14rad/s (180°/s)
Axis 5 3.14rad/s (180°/s)
Axis 6 3.14rad/s (180°/s)
Max. Payload Wrist 10kg
Allowable Static
Loading Torque
Axis 4 25.9N·m
Axis 5 25.9N·m
Axis 6 5.9N·m
 Moment of Inertia*2
Axis 4 0.75kg·m2
Axis 5 0.75kg·m2
Axis 6 0.08kg·m2
Position Repeatability *3 ±0.1mm
Max. Reach 1300mm
Air Piping Ø4×1
Application signal line DI×4, DO×3
Installation Floor / Inverted
Ambient Conditions Temperature : 0 to 45C°*4
Humidity : 20 to 85%RH
(No dew condensation)
Vibration to the installation face:
0.5G (4.9m/s2) or less
Dust-proof Drip-proof
performance *6
IP54 equivalent (dust and drain proof-type)
Robot mass 61kg
Safety certification ISO 10218-1(Equivalent)
TS 15066(Equivalent)

1[rad]=180/π[°] 1[N·m]=1/9.8[kgf·m]

 *1: The "Max. speed" in this table is the available maximum value and will change depending on the work-program and the wrist load condition.
 *2: The allowable moment of inertia of wrist changes with load conditions.
 *3: Based on JIS B8432
 *4: Range of motion limited when robot is invert mounted.
 *5: Permitted installation is less than 1,000m above sea level.
Allowable operating temperature dependent on installation height.
 *6: Limit use in applications where liquids, such as, organic compound, acidity, alkalinity, chlorine, gasoline and/or cutting fluids. These could deteriorate seal material.
Wire harness is IP54 equivalent, controller is IP20 equivalent.