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Spot Welding

SRA series SRA100/166/210/166L/120EL

SRA series SRA100/166/210/166L/120EL

Robot motion makes minimum cycle times unbeatable. Light weight and high rigidity design results in high acceleration and minimum vibration. Maximum speed on all axes reduces move time. All this provides dramatically improved productivity.


SRA series SRA166/210-01A

SRA series SRA166/210-01A

Superior Spot Welding Capability
Industry leading advanced servo gun software features and technologies.


SRA series SRA100B/100J

SRA series SRA100B/100J

Compact x High Performance
Compact arm construction allows installation in small places.


SRA series SRA100H/SRA133HL

SRA series SRA100H/SRA133HL

Spot welding robot with built-in cables
Spot welding cables and utility lines are routed through the hollow forearm and wrist for protection, ensuring long life.


SRA series SRA133H/SRA166H/SRA210H

SRA series SRA133H/SRA166H/SRA210H

Spot welding robot with built-in cables
The hollow arm can also operate at the same high speeds as the SRA.


SRA series SRA100HS/SRA100HB

SRA series SRA100HS/SRA100HB

Spot welding robot with built-in cables
The compact design allows for dense installation layouts.