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10kg Payload Long Reach SCARA Robot EC10


Responds to increase in workpiece weight

  • Rated 5kg,Maximum 10kg,conditional 12kg to compatible.

Long reach.

  • 800/1,000mm long reach.

The length of the vertical axis can be selected

  • Selectable from 200/300mm.

Hollow wrist

  • By adopting a hollow shaft, simplified wiring from the robot body to the tool is possible. Achieves reduction of equipment layout.

4 types of lineup ~ By maximum reach and vertical stroke ~

Can choose from Maximum Reach 800/1,000mm, Vertical axis length 200/300mm.
Rated 5kg, Maximum 10kg, conditional 12kg to accommodate increased workpiece weight.

Specification Model
Maximum Payload Maximum Reach up/down stroke
10kg(conditional12kg) 800mm 200mm EC10-8020-01
300mm EC10-8030-01
1,000mm 200mm EC10-A020-01
300mm EC10-A030-01

Hollow wrist

Adopting a hollow shaft, simplifies wiring from the robot body to various tools.
Avoids interference with peripheral equipment and realizes a more compact equipment layout.

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PDF·EC10 (2pages/778KB)