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WING SLICER Type EZ series


Robot model

1 EZ series
2 Payload (03)
3 Installation: V = Inverted, F = Floor
4 Number of axes: 4
5 IP: D = IP65, blank = standard (IP20)
6 Version
7 Maximum reach (input the first two digits):
450 · 550 (45, 55)
8 Amount of Z-axis movement (input the first
two digits):150 · 250 (15,25)

Robot model EZ03V4-02
Structure Horizontal articulation
Number of axes 4
Drive system AC servo system
Max. operating
J1 250mm 150mm 250mm 150mm
J2 ±170°
J3 ±180° ±145°
J4 ±360°
Max. velocity *5 J1 1400mm/s 1200mm/s 1400mm/s 1200mm/s
J2 450°/s
J3 720°/s
J4 2400°/s
Payload 2kg (3kg)
Allowable moment
of inertia for wrist *1
J4 0.05kg·m2 (0.005kg·m2 rated)
Position repeatability *2 ±0.014mm
Max. reach 450mm 550mm
Air piping Ø6 x 2
Application wirings 10 wires
Installation Inverted mount Floor mount
Ambient conditions

Ambient temperature:0to45°C *3
Ambient humidity:20to85% RH(without condensation)
Vibration:Not more than 0.5G(4.9m/s2)

Environmental conditions *4 IP20
Noise level *6 70dB
Robot mass 42kg 43kg

1[rad] = 180/π[°], 1[N·m] = 1/9.8[kgf·m]

* Explosion-proof version is not available.
*1 The Allowable moment of inertia of a wrist changes with the load conditions of a wrist.
*2 This value conforms to “JIS B 8432”.
*3 Permitted height is not higher than 1,000m above sea level. If used in a higher place, permitted temperature is affected.
*4  Fluids that cause the deterioration of sealants, such as gasoline-based cutting fluids, chlorine, alkali, acids, and organic solvents, cannot be used.
*5 The maximum velocity in the chart is a maximum value. The maximum value may change depending on work programs and load conditions of the wrist.
*6 A-weighted equivalent sound level measured according to JIS Z 8737-1 (ISO 11201).
(while operating at maximum speed with rated load)