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MR series MR20/20L

Flexible motion "Arm" robot with 7-axes

Robot model MR20-02 MR20L-01
Construction Articulated construction
Number of axes 7
Drive system AC servo system
Max. operating area JT1 +/-3.14rad (+/-180°)
JT2 +0.96 to -2.09rad (+55 to -120°)
JT7 +/-3.14rad (+/-180°)
JT3 +2.35 to -2.89rad (+135 to -166°)
JT4 +/-3.14rad (+/-180°)
JT5 +/-2.35rad (+/-135°) +/-2.42rad (+/-139°)
JT6 +/-6.28rad (+/-360°)
Max. speed JT1 2.96rad/s (170°/s)
JT2 2.96rad/s (170°/s)
JT7 2.96rad/s (170°/s)
JT3 2.96rad/s (170°/s)
JT4 4.36rad/s (250°/s) 6.28rad/s (360°/s)
JT5 4.36rad/s (250°/s) 6.28rad/s (360°/s)
JT6 5.23rad/s (300°/s) 10.5rad/s (600°/s)
Payload 20kg*1 20kg
Wrist torque JT4 80.8N·m 49N·m
JT5 80.8N·m 49N·m
JT6 44.1N·m 23.5N·m
W rist moment of inertia*2 JT4 6.0kg·m2 1.6kg·m2
JT5 6.0kg·m2 1.6kg·m2
JT6 2.3kg·m2 0.8kg·m2
Position repeat accuracy +/-0.06mm
Maximum working air pressure 0.49MPa (5.0kgf/cm2) or less
Ambient temperature 0 to 45°C
Installation parameters Floor mounted/ceiling mounted
Environmental resistance*3 Meets the IP65 standard
(for dust and waterproofing)
Robot mass 230kg

1[rad]=180/π[°]  1[N·m]=1/9.8[kgf·m]
To mount a load to the robot arm, it must be loaded either to the forearm or to the upper part of the J3 axis.

(*1) Max payload 30kg (limited envelope)