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the World's Fastest Lightweight, Compact Robot MZ07


High-speed motions

  • The world's fastest speed specification contributes to improved productivity.

Wiring through a hollow wrist

  • Improves practicality by reducing the risk of interference between the wiring and nearby equipment, and enables easy entry into confined areas.

Supports a wide range of applications

  • In addition to the standard specification, visual, additional axis and force sensor specifications are available, satisfying all needs at a production worksite.


Top Perform High Speed *1

Maximum speed of each axis is the top in this class
Contributing to improvement of productivity by high speed

Standard Cycle Time Evaluation
(go and back)*1


(*1) Payload is 1kg. This may vary according to the robot program and installation.

Max speed

Axis MZ07-01 Conventional
J1 450°/s 263°/s
J2 380°/s 240°/s
J3 520°/s 300°/s
J4 550°/s 300°/s
J5 550°/s 300°/s
J6 1000°/s 480°/s

Smart Cable Routing

Cable and tubes can be routed through hollow wrist