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High speed & High precision robot MZ07F/MZ07LF



  • Tact time is up to 43% * shorter compared to the conventional model. MZ07F/MZ07LF can increase productivity.

High precision

  • High precision from high rigidity design. This helps to widen the types of applications and reduces tact times.

Hollow wrist

  • Smart cable and hose routing through the hollow wrist. Minimizes interference and wear.

High speed - Increased Productivity -

The world's top class speed on each axis remains unchanged. Up to 43% * shorter tact time than conventional models due to improved acceleration/deceleration performance.

High accuracy - appliable to complex work, reduction in tact time -

Improved pose repeatability can handle complex operations. Enhanced path accuracy for tact time reduction.

Pose repeatability : Reduced misalignment to approx. 3/4* of conventional robots
Path accuracy : Reduced misalignment to approx. 1/3* of conventional robots

Hollow wrist structure - space saving -

Wiring for tooling can be routed through the hollow wrist to minimize the risk of interference with peripheral equipment, allowing flexible operation even in small spaces.

*Comparison MZ07F vs. MZ07 based on our experimental conditions.