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Compact 10kg payload long reach robot MZ10LF


Lightweight body, long reach

  • Achieved 10kg payload and 1202mm reach with 55kg body weight.

Hollow wrist

  • Smart cable and hose routing through the hollow wrist. Minimizes interference and wear.

Extensive standard equipment

  • Standard specification includes integrated application wiring in arm. Can be used in various environments.
  • Applicable in conditions such as dust and water splashing.

55kg body weight, 10kg payload 1202mm max. reach.
- Suitable for variety of applications -

1202mm reach and 10kg payload realized with only 55kg weight.
10kg payload for more flexibility in considering tooling.

Slim design, Hollow wrist - space-saving -

Compact design and small footprint allows compact layout.
Wiring for tooling can be routed through the hollow wrist to minimize the risk of interference with peripheral equipment, allowing flexible operation even in small spaces.

Catalog Download

PDF ·MZ10LF (2pages / 390KB)