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Mid-size Robot with hollow wrist MZ25


Robot type MZ25-01
Structure Articulated robot
Degree of Freedom 6
Maximum motion range Arm J1 Swivel ±2.97rad (±170°)
J2 Forward/
+1.83 to -2.62rad (+105 to -150°)
J3 Upward/
+5.04 to -2.81rad (+289 to -161°)
Wrist J4 Rotation2 ±3.32rad (±190°)
J5 Bend ±2.53rad (±145°)
J6 Rotation1 ±6.28rad (±360°)
Maximum Velocity*1 Arm J1 Swivel 3.67rad/s (210°/s)
J2 Forward/
3.23rad/s (185°/s)
J3 Upward/
4.71rad/s (270°/s)
Wrist J4 Rotation2 7.33rad/s (420°/s)
J5 Bend 7.33rad/s (420°/s)
J6 Rotation1 11.73rad/s (672°/s)
Maximum Payload Wrist 25kg
Maximum static load torque J4 Rotation2 52N·m
J5 Bend 52N·m
J6 Rotation1 32N·m
Maximum moment of inertia*2 J4 Rotation2 2.4kg·m2
J5 Bend 2.4kg·m2
J6 Rotation1 1.3kg·m2
Maximum Reach 1,882mm
Position repeatability*3 ±0.05mm
Air tubes IN : Ø6×1, OUT : Ø10×1
Application cables 24 wires
(Including wires for optional valves)
Mounting Condition Floor / Inverted / Angle
Ambient Temperature 0 to 45C°*4
Ambient Humidity 20 to 85%RH
(No dew or frost allowed)
Protection class IP 67 equivalent
(dust-proof, moisture-resistant)
Robot weight 250kg

1[rad]=180/π[°] 1[N·m]=1/9.8[kgf·m]

 *1: The maximum velocity in the chart is the maximum value.
It will change depending on the operation program and the wrist load condition.
 *2: Depends on wrist load condition
 *3: JIS B 8432 conformance
 *4: Using at 1000 m or lower sea level.
Ambient temperature has limitations when allowable altitude is exceeded