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MZ Medium Payload Robot MZ35F/50F/70F

Basic specification of robot

Model MZ35F MZ50F MZ70F
Structure Articulated robot
Axis 6
Drive System AC servo motor
Maximum motion range J1 ±180°
J2 -135° to +80°
J3 -143.5° to +260°
J4 ±190°
J5 ±145°
J6 ±360°
Maximum Velocity J1 188°/s 185°/s 180°/s
J2 180°/s 180°/s 145°/s
J3 195°/s 185°/s 170°/s
J4 280°/s 260°/s 240°/s
J5 310°/s 260°/s 240°/s
J6 420°/s 370°/s 350°/s
Maximum Payload Wrist 35kg 50kg 70kg
Maximum static load torque J4 165N·m 216N·m 309N·m
J5 165N·m 216N·m 309N·m
J6 102N·m 147N·m 170N·m
Maximum moment of inertia J4 16kg·m2 30kg·m2 30kg·m2
J5 16kg·m2 30kg·m2 30kg·m2
J6 5kg·m2 12kg·m2 12kg·m2
Maximum Reach 2,102mm
Position repeatability ±0.06mm
Ambient Temperature/Ambient Humidity 0to45°C/20to85%RH
(No dew or frost allowed)
Vibration Not more than 0.5G
Installation Floor / Inverted
Protection class IP67equivalent
Robot weight 608kg
Consuming power 2.17kVA
Supported Controllers FD18