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SRA series SRA133H/SRA166H/SRA210H

Spot welding robot with built-in cables

Spot welding robot with built-in cables SRA133H/SRA166H/SRA210H

Improved reliability for welding cables and hoses
  • The reliability is improved by stabilizing cable performance to avoid damage due to interference with peripheral equipment.
Shortened the startup time
  • We greatly decreased the time to check work programs because cables do not interfere with peripheral equipment.
Expanded the operating range of the wrist
  • Compared to the existing A-Trac, we expanded the operating range of J5 ±10° and J6 ±5° (payload class 210kg), increasing the range of linear movement 20%.
Improved accessibility
  • When compared to the existing A-Trac, we have decreased the interference range of the wrist 27%, making access to narrow places possible.
  • The hollow arm can also operate at the same high speeds as the SRA.