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AQUA Drill EX VF 1.5D/3D/5D/8D

AQUA Drill EX VF 3D/5D Indexable drill for excellent drilling accuracy
  • Features integrated inserts for well-balanced, accurate cutting
Easy and secure mounting
  • V-shaped mounting facilitates attachment and achieves high accuracy and stiffness
Long tool life
  • Inserts boasting high chipping resistance, a specially designed cutting edge, and AQUA EX coating combine to achieve a long tool life with a wide range of materials
Considerable savings of tool expenses
  • Significantly reduces tool expenses compared with solid carbide drills
  • 1.5D/3D/5D/8D, along with an additional flat insert φ14.0-φ32.0

Catalog Download
PDF Catalog No. 2242-6 AQUA Drill EX VF Series (16 pages/2,337KB)

The listed price applies to consumers in Japan.