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AquaREVO Drills Micro

AquaREVO Drills Micro

Many problems can arise when drilling with micro diameters;

  • Low tool life with high risk of sudden breakage
  • Unstable machining due to variations in hole position

AquaREVO Drills Micro solves those problems with confidence.

An ultra-fine grain cemented carbide was adopted along with original component design to develop a durable substrate for small diameter drills. This provides a material that surpasses the conventional AquaREVO Drills in toughness and hardness.

In order to prevent sudden breakage due to chip jamming, a flute shape that provides optimal web thickness, chip evacuation, and tool rigidity has been adopted.

The coating is a REVO-D coat optimized for micro drills. An ultra-smoothing polishing process reduces resistance during cutting and improves chip evacuation.

Achieves “Long tool life that is hard to break” and “stable cutting with little dispersion” required for small-diameter drills.

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PDF Catalog No.2203 AquaREVO Drills Micro (8 pages/830 KB)

The listed price applies to consumers in Japan.