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AquaREVO Drills Stub / Regular

REVOlutionize for the Manufacturing AquaREVO Drills

AquaREVO Drills Stub / Regular

Since founding, Fujikoshi has considered that superior materials are necessary to make better tools, has been researching and developing in-house, and in-house manufacturing tools.

Based on this idea, we developed carbide materials this time. In addition, the AquaREVO Drill is used not only for super hard Materials, shape, refreshing the coating, such as “long tool life”, “high efficiency”, “multipurpose”, all functions required for drilling have been dramatically improved.

Please try out the performance by all means at the manufacturing site of everyone.

Catalog Download

PDF Catalog No.2200 AquaREVO Drills Stub / Regular (8 pages/1,855 KB)

The listed price applies to consumers in Japan.