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GSX MILL Roughing

GSX MILL Roughing • Enhanced reliability with greater chipping resistance
  • Chipping resistance of the cutting edge has been greatly enhanced by optimizing the helix angle and nick shape
  • Wider gash pockets improve chip evacuation Applicable to difficult-to-machine materials such as stainless steels and heat-resistant alloys
  • Delivers outstanding cutting performance from grooving to pocket milling with enhanced reliability in regard to cutting resistance
• Long tool life
  • Ultrafine cemented carbide with its high transverse rupture strength and multi-layered coating with its superior wear resistance create synergy that guarantees a longer tool life

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GSX MILL Roughing Launched

Catalog Download

PDF Catalog No.2283-4 GSX MILL Series (16 pages/8,118 KB)

The listed price applies to consumers in Japan.