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Graphical user interface FlexGui

For customizing the display on your Teach pendant
Create FlexGui screens by drag and drop


 Teach pendant is now system operation panel

  • Creating screen for any process and application
  • Intuitive graphical screen on touch panel
  • Enabling whole of system control by utilizing software PLC
  • Contributing to space saving and cost down by abolishing system controller
FlexGui Remote

 Connect computers for remote operation

  • Connect computer (PC) to the robot controller
  • Operate teach pendant screen (FlexGui screen) from anywhere in the world
FlexGui Toolbox

 Computer support tool, FlexGui Toolbox

  • Create your FlexGui screens
  • Connect to many robot controllers from one FlexGui Toolbox
  • Backup, transfer and deploy your FlexGui projects and robot programs
  • Preview your FlexGui screens before running on the robot controller

Catalog Download

PDF   · FlexGui (2pages/414KB)