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Compact Robot MZ01

High Speed and High Precision 1kg Compact Robot MZ01
High Speed and High Precision.
1kg Compact Robot.

Slim Collaborative Robot CZ10

Slim Collaborative Robot CZ10
Nachi's new robot, CZ10, has several people-friendly functions and structures.
Makes it easier to install a robot with various applications.

WING SLICER Type EZ series EZ03

WING SLICER Type EZ series EZ03
Installation of the inverted mount type provides space saving for equipment layout compared to the commonly used floor mount type SCARA.
Thanks to its slim arm, high speed operation is possible. As it has no inaccessible area, it is possible to reduce cycle time greatly by taking the shortest path.

Space-saving, high-speed scaler robot ES series ES06/ES12

Compact and fast robot - SCARA ES06/ES12
Super rigid arm and servo controls give this horizontal articulated scara robot fast, high-accuracy operations.
High-speed operations meet demand to support a wide range of fields, from the handling of small parts to high precision assembly work.

Compact and super fast robot MZ04/MZ04E

Compact and super fast robot - MZ04
The lightweight and compact robot arm helps keep the equipment simple and saves space.
It has a sophisticated and smooth form. Its design prevents dust and dirt from accumulating and makes it easy to remove.

the World's Fastest Lightweight, Compact Robot MZ07

the World's Fastest Lightweight, Compact Robot - MZ07
A lightweight and compact robot that can perform high-speed motions. With the world's fastest motions, it contributes to improved productivity, while its wide range of options can satisfy all needs at a production worksite.

Compact and multipurpose robot MZ12

Compact and multipurpose robot MZ12
Powerful and compact.
High speed and precise.
Leads its class in speed in precision.

Mid-size Robot with hollow wrist MZ25

Mid-size Robot with hollow wrist MZ25
Supports various applications with large operating range and powerful wrist.
Flexible tasks are possible with Top-level reach and stroke.

ST series ST210TP

ST series ST210TP
Press tending robot.
High speed transfer·Improved durability.
New swivel arm for press tending.
Internal air hose and application cable.

MR series MR35/50

MRseries MR35,MR50
Flexible motion "Arm" robot with 7-axes.
The new MR (35/50kg) has a std.IP67.
Available IP ratings make the MR Series ideal for various applications that include harsh environments that previously required expensive robot covers.

MR series MR20/20L

MRseries MR20
Flexible and complex positioning and motion can be available by 7-axes structure.
Minimizing installation space.

MC series MC35/50/70

MC series MC35,MC50,MC70
The new MC (35/50/70kg) has a std.IP54 rating for the body, (optional IP65/IP67) and std.IP67 for the arm/wrist.
Available IP ratings make the MC Series ideal for various applications that include harsh environments that previously required expensive robot covers.

MC series MC20/10L

MC series MC20
Wide envelope and environment protection makes MC20 valuable robot for various kind of manufacturing processes.
Easy installation by compact design, and powerful wrist supports to transfer large or heavy works.

MC series MC10S

MC series MC10S
Wide operating envelope, plus high water and dust proof performance (wrists and body). Compatible with variety of customer work environments.
Streamlined wiring passes through hollow wrist.
Smallest in its class with a mere 280 mm installation width.

MC series MC12S

MC series MC12S
Downed size at MC20 robot.
A compact body makes work space more compactly.

SRA series SRA100/166/210/166L/120EL

SRA series SRA100/166/210/166L/120EL
Fastest robot in its class.
Best partner for productivity improvement.
Environmental Impact is thoroughly considered.