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Hydraulic Equipment

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NNP Series Standard High-Pressure Variable Piston Pump Unit

NNP Series Standard High-Pressure Variable Piston Pump Unit
  • A newly-developed, environmentally-friendly, compact variable pump unit with a low increase in hydraulic fluid temperature
  • Meticulous response using an abundant series
  • Valve block can be mounted
  • Has a compact body and 21MPa compatible
  • We have realized low heat generation through fan cooler standard equipment and tank structure innovations
  • The return filter is standard equipmen

Low oil temperature rise

At time of 7MPa full cut-off continuity
The saturation temperature for the hydraulic fluid temperature inside the tank

A fan cooler for pump drain refrigeration is standard equipment. We kept down the increase in hydraulic fluid temperature by using a tank structure that takes into consideration foam inhibiting characteristics.

We offer an abundant series

You can choose a wide range of pump capacities up to a maximum of 45cm2/rev.

All applications can be handled using the piston pumps of diverse variable control mechanisms.

By installing a valve block we can make the piping space on the side of the machine body smaller.

Tank capacity 20 to 80L

We meet your needs with abundant variations.

Also compatible with
the 100L type.

Installation space is halved with respect to conventional products
(as compared to conventional Nachi-Fujikoshi products)