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Message from the representatives

Challenging growth in business to fulfill
aspirations as a manufacturing company

The Nachi-Fujikoshi Group's slogan, "Challenging growth in business to fulfill aspirations as a manufacturing company," embodies our long-term vision. We contribute to expansions in the world of manufacturing by capitalizing on the uniqueness of our multifaceted operations, technologies, and production expertise in robotics and more, providing various solutions to customers in fields such as automobiles, industrial machinery, energy, and infrastructure.

The business environments in which we are active are experiencing major inflection points, such as increasing trends towards a carbon-neutral stance and the accelerated adoption in the automobile industry of electric vehicles. In response to these changes in industrial structures, we at the Nachi-Fujikoshi Group are leveraging our technical capabilities throughout the entirety of manufacturing, and in growing fields such as electric vehicles and industrial machinery, we are working to strengthen our sales, service, production and procurement, and research and development capabilities in order to achieve continuous company growth.

In the future, we aim to address issues in areas such as the environment, society, and governance through our business activities, and to provide value to our stakeholders, which include not only our shareholders and customers, but also our business partners, employees, and the local societies in which we conduct our business.

Representative Director, President

President Tsukomu Kurosawa
Director, Chairman
Chairman Hiroo Honma